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    Default 4 MONTHS later and got a call from using text game

    I'll try to keep this short.

    Met a girl late January, didn't really use any PUA skills, we were at club, I seen her, and we just started talking. Got her number, I think I may have called her on the spot and said "Now you have mine"

    After this I was TOTAL AFC. I started to talk to her friends telling them how I like this girl. I waited around for her and kind of walked/followed her and her sisters outside the club a bit. I got the hint to leave. I called a few times that night. Keep in mind I was a little drunk and really liked this girl, if you catch my drift.

    The next day I texted "I am so hung over" - NO RESPONSE.

    I think I waited a day or two and text something again. - NO RESPONSE.

    I even phoned at one point and left a voice message. - NO RESPONSE

    I cut my losses.

    Flash forward to May. I remember what pub she worked at from our first conversation at the club we met at.

    I went to the pub where she works with a female friend, and guess who is our server? The girl from the club. Again, when she was serving us, I was AFC, I mentioned to my lady friend that I knew this girl, and told her the story. Only thing was I couldn't work up the balls to bring it up while she was serving us.

    We leave the Pub, I take my lady friend home. I go back to Pub, but she must be finished her shift cuz I don't see her.

    2 weeks after having her as my server, I am thumbing through my BlackBerry and guess whose number I find? The server. I think about it and finally say f&ck it, what do I have to lose.

    So I send this.

    ME "U served me at "Name of Pub" recently. Finally just remembered where I know you from. Seen your name in my phone and triggered my memory."
    HER "Who is this?"
    ME "We exchanged numbers and met downtown a while back"
    HER"What's your name?"
    ME"You may not remember me, Tall White, kinda cute. EasyFlow (not my real name)"
    HER"Send me a picture cuz I don't"
    ME"Is this like an audition? Casting Call. LOL"
    HER"Haha may be...hurry Up"
    ME"My phone doesn't have best pics, but I'll see what I can pull up. BTW do you have one?"
    HER"You first"
    ME - I send her a pic I have with me in between 2 blonde cute twin sisters. This I learned from "The Game". If she sees me with my arms around 2 blonde cuties, it is better than me sending her a pic of me by myself, or a pic of me holding a beer and a smoke. In her eyes, I am a fun attractive guy, to be sandwiched between twins. My value goes up.
    HER"I think I remember, did we meet at "Name of club?"
    ME"Where's your pic?"
    HER"You didn't answer my question"
    ME"Your a tough negotiator. It sounds right, more than likely we met at the (Name of club). - I knew where we met, I was playing it off that I kind of remembered her, just to show I wasn't too interested.
    HER"HAHA you don't even remember LOL" Then she sends a pic of her with 3 other girls, from work all wearing beer promo outfits. Tight as f&ck silver spandex body suits that she can't even zip up all the way. 100% my type of girl!
    ME"Were you embarrassed when 3 other girls showed up wearing the same outfit?"
    HER"HAHA bite me it was at work"
    ME"Don't tempt me"
    HER"Whatever you"
    ME"I gotta get up early 5:30 for work. Maybe we can continue another time?" - I wanted to end the conversation first, and not get into what is your "favourite type of dog" conversation.
    HER"Ya, goodnight"

    The above texting was not from an AFC. You have to challenge them. Especially hot chics. They may give there number out, but a lot of guys will text "How is your day" = BORING.

    "How is your day?" if for sending your GF after you have been together for 6 months or more.

    Keep them interested, flirt, and keep it short. DON'T have conversations via text. ONLY USE TEXT TO KEEP YOU ON THEIR MIND. The purpose of a text is to put a smile on there face. Try to have them send the last text. Leave them wanting more.

    I re-initiated contact on May 20/2012. On May 29/2012 SHE CALLED ME.

    Use text as a slow drip. Don't try and ask a girl out on your first text. Use it to build comfort. Slowly work it. Show humour, show you are busy and won't wait around for her to get back to you. Basically be a challenge. Hot chics have guys chasing them everyday all day. Be different.

    We texted over 5 different times, until I persuaded her to CALL ME.

    Back when we met I was rolling AFC. Earlier tonight I was rolling PUA.

    I still have not had a face to face, however, she is at a phone call comfort zone now, and we talked about maybe meeting up later this week. I kept the call short, under 8 mins, I had her laugh about 5 times. I ended the conversation.

    I wrote this post, to let people know, it isn't over even after striking out 4 months prior. If I didn't re-iniciate contact, I wouldn't have gotten a call from her.

    I did a lot of research on text game. I would strongly encourage to research and strengthen your text game.

    Here is a line I used to open the call. Also let the phone ring a few times, don't answer it on the first ring.

    ME"Who is this?" - knowing who it is.
    HER" Her name"
    ME"Do you know what todays date is?"
    HER "MAY 29...Why?"
    ME"Cuz today we are no longer a pen pals (as in text buddies), I'm gonna get a pin made and stick it on your t-shirt"

    The conversation goes on. But the pin line I made up, use it, it works. Girls wanna laugh, use humour.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: 4 MONTHS later and got a call from using text game

    Good on ya man - cool story and hope it works out with her

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