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    Default text timing when responding to her text

    Whats the rule of thumb for responding to texts? Is it always best to wait at least the amount of time she waited to respond to you? Is it ever acceptable to cut that time short?

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    Default Re: text timing

    It really depends on the girl and the usual text flow you have going...if you have a sharp witty answer or comment I think it's ok to send back fairly quickly, especially if you know she will have to respond to that also immediately but other times leave a gap, even longer than hers, especially before replying to her question or something you know she will be wanting to hear your response. Or don't respond at all and change the subject to always keep her guessing and on her toes. I tend to be busy myself anyway so I am either texting in between doing something else or often texting a few girls at once thats fun because you go around in a carousel with them all. So often I am not even thinking about it, it flows naturally and Im not pouring over everything she has said.

    I wouldn't stick to a formula, I would reply in a variety of time frames giving the impression you are doing a variety of things in your life. I try keep her replying a few times in a row but me only single texts. I normally am not too bothered about who signs off first but lately admittedly I have been cutting it off shorter than I usually do. Wait for a peak or when she's said something really awesome to you and then say 'I gotta go, see you later'. I think what you actually say and how you escalate it is more important. It's like surfing, choose your waves and when you get a good one make the most of it but bail out before you get beached or sucked into the barrel.

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