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    Default Is this good escalation? Is this girl into me??

    Whats up guys. There's this girl I've been texting for a few weeks now. We met through a mutual friend and hooked up the first day we met. She now lives 8 hours away until she comes back for next semester, and I want to keep her on the hook until then. Based on this conversation would you say she's still into me?

    me: See this is why we would never work out, we fight too much... lol.

    Her: Who said I would want us to work out? Hahahaha jk We do fight to much...But its just
    because you don't let me win these arguments and i'm not used to that

    Me: Yeah Im too much for you to handle anyways... Hahahah I just don't like to lose

    Her: Too much for me to handle .... ya right! I can handle anything

    Me: Not sure if I believe you.. dont talk about it be about it

    Her: Im always about it

    Me: Good because Im all about bein about it

    She then texted me back 2 hours later asking me what I was doinng, and she just told me she was really drunk. But anyways you think she's into me?

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    Default Re: Is this good escalation? Is this girl into me??

    Of course, there is nothing to suggest otherwise, but what are you going to do while she is so far away for so long? You'll both get tired of texting all day. You could say 'well if you're all about being it (what kind of english is this??? haha) then come and see me'. Or try get the sequence over the break to be about having sporadic but very intense texting sessions rather than endless dribbling 'conversations' for the vacation. She doesn't like to loose. Always win or give her a good match. That might keep an intensity in her mind rather than you as a pen pal/text buddy.

    It's summer, date other girls while your waiting for her return. Likely, she will be doing the same

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