Finally off work and back in town. I been keeping the texting short with her. We text like evey 2-4days and I have ended the convo first every time. I have never multi text her. She will multi text me and trying to display her value by telling me not to judge her on her age that she is very mature. The reason is bc I was teasing her a little about what she needed to qualify for me. Long story short is that im finally home and going to ask her out. Im pretty sure she wont flake bc she asked when was I coming back in town. I told her the day and said "we def making time to hangout" She responded with "sounds good to me! You seem very interesting and I like hearing about new places" Im thinking of texting her later tonight or tomorrow with "get your casuals on. Were going have some fun" then take her bowling and make a bet with each other. If she beats me ill bring her for a ride on the bike. How does this sound for a first date? Or should I take her for a bike ride on a first date? I think bowling would be better to build comfort and ride for second date. Also she has never texted me first but when I text her she always responds quickly. Im always the one the end the convo short or not reply to her last text. Last we text was 3 days ago. I want to take her out saturday night being I have the house to myself.