Just joined, this is my first post. I read through some of previous threads here and started sending out bold/challenging email messages. The girls were either ones that I tried to hit up before and couldn't get a reply from or were ones I thought were out of my league, mostly 20-24 hot girls (I'm 34). After 24 hours 6 of the 10 have responded. I'm not sure if the other 4 have seen the messages yet. Two dates already and two I have good feelings about. In any case, I only used two canned responses, then a mixture of personalized responses.

These were based on ideas from this forum:

"Are you real? Looks like some Nigerian kid stole some pictures off a modeling website, definitely not giving you my CC number."

Several variations of the "Congratulations you made my match list" one

If they are out of town:

Hey! I know we live xxxx apart but thats cool because it would make it harder for you stalk me later. (then something personalized)

Some random thing from their profile, here were a couple:

Your seriously a OSU fan? Do you wear OSU clothing outside the house or root for them in public? I need to know before I ask you out.

Your seriously a star wars fan? I have two lightsabers, want to come over and fight, I'll take it easy on you at first.