Can someone point me in the right direction for any reading or examples on turning a reconnected friendship into something sexual when texting is the primary medium? Or less specifically, anything on escalating via text.

Here's my situation for those interested, or those who want to give specific advice:

Note that I haven't been in a relationship in a couple years now so a lot of this for me is just remembering how to hit on a girl, so I'm not talking about any advanced game.

I was backpacking the US for the past 2 months when an old friend randomly started texting me. 5-6 years ago she went out with my best friend, who wound up driving us both away from his crazy drinking. Apparently she found something sexy in my travels and as soon as I got back home she was dying to hang out with me. We hang out that Friday night and a friend of mine wound up cockblocking the hell out of me and I never had any time to talk to her alone. We wound up hanging out at my place for a few hours. The next week I invited her down to my beach house for a 3 day memorial day weekend party. She was clearly into me the whole time; but me being an ass, drunk as a skunk and in a perpetual burnt out fog from abusing my body traveling, basically gave up after one or two attempts to hit on her. We slept together 2 nights, cuddled etc, but nothing more.

When we got back from the weekend, she friendzoned me for a little, claiming I was too shy, but I managed to deflect it. The whole next week I spent detoxing, dealing with cigarette withdrawal, and just enjoying the privacy and time alone after staying in hostels for 2 months. This entire time she has been texting me at least 6 times a day with random nonsense. Aside from making a point to text her once every day or so with a cocky/funny line or two I didn't initiate much contact. It didn't take long for her to start thinking she was bothering or annoying me by her starting the conversation the majority of the time.

Earlier today I called her and we talked for a half hour. Nothing really sexual but just talking and joking around. Mainly I'm trying to get her to call me more often. Instead of getting a string of texts and initiating a whole back and forth conversation via text, I'd much rather her just call me. That way she'll text me less often and she won't think she's bothering me if I send less than a dozen texts a day.

So now we have plans to hang out Friday night and I'm going to take things from there. In the meantime, I want to make a conscious effort to gradually turn the texts more sexual over time. Honestly I'm just looking for advice on how to escalate without it seeming awkward or like I'm trying too hard.