We've met before, and met today to be exact. After meeting she re initiated text.

Her: So random but you smell nice lol I like your cologne

Me: Oh really you think so?! hahaha

Her: I do lol I love guys cologne

Me: Cool beans. I'll wear it when I see u friday

Her: Haha we're not seeing each other Friday mister

Me: ?? We talked about this already

Her: Lol i said we'll see, we didn't confirm anything

Me: Haha what's the difference. Anyways it's straight

Her: haha what do you wanna do tmrw?

Me: Just going to the park, shooting hoops, swing, etc.

Her: That's what you wanna do tmrw?

Me: Yea just plain and simple

Her: Simple is always good.

How do I respond, to hopefully get her out. If not it's cool, but critique on text too please. I feel like I went AFC somewhere during the convo.