Hey I'm no text expert, but I've had some good success with the style I've been using, pretty much from MM. I'm just trying to sum up some of the issues I been seeing on here:
Don't worry about what to say, don't wonder when to text her. Don't try to impress her with some elaborate text that took u half an hour to write up. Don't seek her validation, assume it, and use imagination. I'm sure most of us have busy lives with school, work, fam stuff, gases prices lol, and so on.

Use something imaginative, maybe from an inside joke if that's already been made, then just kinda use the MM style: bait, hook, release. Also you can use a random fact opener, that got my gf last year ballin and kept her attention until we started going out, like 'did u know..'

Some examples:

'Hey I got some free passes to the hot tub time machine, I mite be gone for a few days. But if I have an extra tomorrow still, u might be a lucky winner!'

'Have u ever mooned a another driver at the lite?'

'Hey I just kidnapped 3 baby pandas from the zoo, gonna release them to the wild'

'Did u know that dolphins sleep with one eye open?'

I'm not saying use those, but just to make my point. Then, that's her bait. If she's cool shell play along- hook. Then don't reply for awhile- bait. Then u can show her ur not a total goof ball, while u work in some everyday Fluff talk, by then she should still be coming down from the high of ur hilarious imagination

I don't care how bad of a bitch she thinks she is, cuz I doubt I've ever met a girl that absolutely hates imagination.

Again, that's just an opener, then u can even work it into ur convo, maybe gain an inside joke from it all. It usually takes about a short week of little msgs like this for me to escalate to a meetup, and so on. Unless u meet a girl just before the weekend, mite be quicker.

I still remember from reading the game a year ago, mystery says something like, the more ridiculous the thing is u say, the more she mite like it.

Remember in the first page or two of the book (for those of u that have read it) he says to some girl, 'have u ever shat in a gold toilet before? Its delightful! Then he gets into the pickup up from there.

Just a tid bit off my mind y'all, hope it helps! If u got other lines or feedback post em up! Cheers