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    Default Facebook Social Proof (Get Alive Guys)

    Alright guys. I want to ask everyones opinion about facebook profiles in regards of social proof...

    when you guys are messaging these girls do you sometimes add them first or close to the start? if so, i think an effective profile for social proof would help right? so is it more than an a great profile pic or does it matter????

    I'm guilty of having a very private fb profile but the main reason is because my business is directly connected through my profile so that tends to give me social proof.....

    i wonder if it would help EVEN MORE if my fb profile was a little more alive i was more .other people posting stuff creating value....

    i even thought about going public w/ my profile for business reasons but i'm thinking it could help personally....or maybe not....there is always that mystery factor....

    i brought this up because i was added by someone i met through business a few weeks ago and i've started to run some game on her...

    i'm also about to Field Test fb for the first time w/ someone i met briefly about a month ago....gonna have to message her on facebook though for first time....

    thoughts on facebook profile as social proof?

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    Default Re: Facebook Social Proof (Get Alive Guys)

    Hey buddy,

    People want to see a genuine person. Go on and liven that shit up. Yes, people like mystery. But alot more people prefer excitement and interesting people. Get travel photos, friend photos, demand from them a wall message on why they think you are a good friend - lol.

    Moral of the story is, get that shit looking genuine, real, exciting so that girl would want to be there with you.

    Finchy x
    Work hard, Play hard players! Oh and Man up, girls like men.

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