here are 3 sesssion i started
i usually would call girls, or meet face to face
so very AFC with texting
and english is not my first language

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<HB>awesone to meet you like that :) -HB
<HG>Haha yeah that was entertaining
HB atlas I brougjt a smile to that crazy face of urs ;) wo what nasty stuff u up to now?
HG Drinking red bull going to visit my friend who works in Sears
HB it wasn't me, so u already cheat on me ... ;) what ur type does on a Sunday night?
HG Pardon aha. And I'm at my grandmas drunk aha
HB huh I see ur grangran is more fun than ur friends :p
HG Aha I agrer
HB is ur grangran gettin high too? :D ahh too drunk! founf 100$!z at a clubzz hhhmq
HG >Lucky ! You should give it to me Ahaha.
HB so hows my favorite brat doing?! ;)
HG haha Heey, I'm not a brat xD. I'm good, and you?</body>
I see... think ill have to stop texting you girl, I like girls who love to have fun ;)
<body>Haha oh I see.</body>
HB congratulations!</body>
<body>Why am I being congradulated? Ahaha</body>
HB there so many boring people. here, so I was thinking of u ;)
HG Hahaha oh I see. I'm in Costco! It's pretty lame .</body>
exciting, u going to make a great soccer mom someday ;)
Hhaha I have 5 younger siblings and 3 of them play soccer. Im soccer sister aha
ok, ill research minivans and good teams in ur area ;)
Mini vans are to lame. I have a 15 seater pedo van. I have ten siblings lol I'm n the middle
thats how i lure cute girls, I have candy in the back, u like skittles or m&m ? :p
<body>No I don't like candy Ahaha</body>
<body>I said that's for cute girls ;)</body>
<body>Haha well then all cute girls must like candy</body>
<body>so you up to the rough stuff ;) wine or beer?? !</body>
<body>Beers gross. Wines okay. But I like vanilla vodka</body>
I keep my options open :) but that's door #3 it will be fun too see how long you last ;)
Ahaha on Saturday I got freaked up but I lasted pretty long for how tiny I am.
so you forgot?! aww poor you, but ill forgive you this once ;)
<body>Forgot what</body>
ohh no im not gonna fall for that again! ps, u like marshmallow?
<body>No I don't aha,</body>
and i thought u sweet, was about to roast you and eat you :)
<body>Aha no. Sweet sh1t is gross aha.</body>
<body>girls are gross...</body>
u fell asleep so early, soo cute... I got a meeting with the managment. we'll talk later ;)
<body>Lol yeah fell asleep.. riiight</body>
you can see i just tried random things here
i do see lots of ioi's but i don't know how to use them correctly
she does live in a different city, 3 hrs drive but thats just logistics… first i need to get her wet anyways

now this one takes forever to answer! but lately takes her less time
HB: hey spades queen!
what nasty stuff you up to?  :)
HG: wait who is this? hahaha...
HB: ur arch enemy obviously :p
HB:u use snail mail I see, fedex works faster :)
HG: hahaha that doesn't tell me who you are! I'm old fashion what can I say :)
HB: you seem well developed and open minded for the new world ;)
you really don't remember how we met?
HG: hahah you know me too well ;) .. haha I can't recall, refresh my memory :)
HB: 5,6 medium brown hair,  aweome in general ;)
HG:hahaha I think I remember you now ;)  how are you?
HB: Let’s fly to Vegas, get married, argue about our third kid’s name, divorce, and grow old lonely and depressed, sounds good or a weekend?  :p
HG: hahahahaha that sounds like the most spontaneous, lovely thing... it will take me about 3 hours to pack... pick me up tomorrow? ;)
HB: spontaneous honeymoon sex, we have to pospone. ;)
the guys at work made me a surprise... deadmonton sounds good for a honeymoon though? :)
HG: hahaha that might have to wait ;) oooooh whats the surprise?! hahaha I was thinking more like Bahamas :)</body>
HB: well HG, I dont think I should tell you, its a surprise ;)
hows Calgary holding without me?
HG: hahaha its hard & lonley life without you boo! haha what kind of surprise? ;)
HB: arent we moving to fast girl, relax ill come back!
just dont do anything drastic we both might regret ;)
what craziness you up to this late?
HG: hahah it aint late, early birrrrrd! hahah alright alright we can take things slooooooow ;)
HB: i thought u went to sleep, u need ur beauty sleep! :)
just starting the night smoking hooka and drinking vodka hahahah!!
does ur night starts as fun as mine u night beast u?
HG: hahah its not bed time yet!
wow i wish my night started as fun as yours! i gotta work early :(
but its Friday tomorrow :)
HB: you have only one wish left now,
so be careful with it ;)
when shall the queen attend to her bed? <<< this is lame now that i read that lol
thing is... takes me long time to tihnk of what to txt back

3rd one later