Long story short, was seeing this girl, met her about a month ago. Attraction was there, flirting, good chemistry. Went out a few times. Felt like I was giving her a little too much attention so I froze her out. She contacted me by text 5 days after, good short text convo ended in asking her how week was looking. Got a reply back saying it was super busy etc etc n how she was free 1 week from now. I did not reply back. Next day she invites me to go hang out with her and her friend(a bit of a mutual friend), I oblige, friend is there so could not really make a move.

Next day, she invites me out again to a bar with some other people, didn't know if I could attend so I said maybe and left it at that.

Couple nights later on the weekend get a text from her asking me what I am up to that night. Told her I was going out and she should come, she said ok. She asked where we were going, I was going clubbing with friends so I said that, she then had a sudden mood change and said she didn't feel like doing that and was tired and going to stay in. I made a mistake then and asked her what she wanted to do, as I did kind of want to see her. I quickly realized this may make me look too available for her so I quickly said no prob have a good night.

Next day she texts me again, saying she was thinking we could go to the park or something later that night. I said ok I was free in the evening thou. She said sounds good and tells me around 6pm. I don't hear from her for a couple hours, so I text her and she replies back right away how she got caught up at work, yada yada, reschedule for tmrw, apology etc. basically 5 texts in a row and the last one said she will make it up to me. I brush it off and say ok no problem.

Fast forward a week I haven't had any contact with her. I know her work story was legit as I know a guy that works there and they had some crazy system issue that night and she is pretty busy but from her last text message I told myself the balls in her court basically so if shes still interested she will contact me. Or shes seeing if I will chase, I dunno. Im gaming other girls but this one was kinda exotic which I like so part of me wants to reopen and neg her about not making it up to me, but I dont know where I should start.