Hey guys, I'm a newbie. I've been talking to this girl online. I'm slowly learning and need some help improving. here is an example of a chat I had.

her: Im too cute. get on my level and let me know
Me: stop playing hard to get, you might regret it ;p
her: Me? Playing hard to get I do think that's you sir. With your sike and I might get cut off. Hmmm stop playing hard to get.

She drew me something and I was telling her how awful her writing was --

Her: Stop being mean and upgrade your nice skills to me!
me: fine I'll be nice. why don't you come over and I'll help improve your awful handwriting
Her: You want to be my teacher? I have a feeling you'd be strict. I'm willing to find out though

How should I respond to both of them?
and can you guys link or recommend some threads on how I can improve in this section? Thanks in advance guys.