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    Default What should I do after asking for phone number and getting no response?

    This seems to happen to me every once in awhile. I'll exchange 4-5 messages with a girl and she'll seem really interested, but when I tell her to give me her phone number I'll get no response. Does anyone on here have any proven ways to proceed in this situation?
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    Default Re: What should I do after asking for phone number and getting no response?

    I'm assuming that you are talking about online dating sites. I feel you need a reason to get a phone number. Sometimes I will play a game of not telling them my real name or what city I am in until we start texting. This is risky since online is scary for women and don't know if you are who you claim to be.

    But a "rock solid" strategy is to wait until she starts asking questions about you. You can have a good vibing conversation, but if she is not asking questions about you as a man then chances are you won't get the phone number. And when you are ready for the phone try "Text me when you get this message" then leave it blank. If she is interested she will mention how you didn't leave your phone number. If she is not, she will "Lol ok" you. Also I will add "......unless you are one of those women that don't contact a man first as a rule. In that case I text you back twice to make up for it "

    But as I said before don't let a good conversation get you confused. Wait until she starts asking YOU questions with very little input on your end and I guarantee you will be able to exchange numbers.

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