So i was at my friends birthday celebration on friday. We all met up at a restaurant. She brought along her best friend who i had kinda met a few months ago at school. I thought she was cute when i first saw her then but she was with her bf. Anyway we were sitting a couple of seats apart when i accidentally knock over my beer bottle. she instantly begins to tease me about getting drunk off one beer. i just laughed it off. After that i did catch her looking at me once. later my friend offers me a sip from her drink and she interrupts to say ive had enough for the night (teasing me again). We move to a different part of the restaurant later and she sits next to me (there was 3 other seats open). Everyone was ordering shots and she asked me if i was going to but i told her no, b/c according to you im already hammered (she laughed). I take the opening and start talking to her (mainly about school). I notice that whenever she talked to me, she would turn so her body would be facing me directly and since the place was loud she got in real close and talked into my ear. There was the occasional slap on the arm and she laughed at every joke of mine too.

Afterwards we headed to a bar and since she didnt know how to get there she and some other people followed me on my motorcycle. At stop lights i would look at her through my side mirrors and i could see her fixing her makeup (no sure if this means anything). once we found parking i teased her again about almost running me over she played along and laughs. At this point i really think shes into me but once at the bar she doesnt talk to me as much. she goes off and dances with her female friends. im not much of a dancer so i didnt try to join in. later on she says she has to go and says goodbye to everyone. i was kind of hoping for an individual goodbye, that way i could get her number. The next day i asked my friend if she had said anything about me and she said that when she first saw me at the restaurant, she asked if i was guy she met a while back at school.

anyway sorry for making this so long but long story short, im not sure if she likes me or not. i want to ask me friend for her number (and ask her if shes even single!) but it would be awkward if she turns me down. Thoughts? advice? I know im over analyzing the situation but i cant help it :/ i suck at this!

i have a feeling i missed my chance and its too late to call her now...