Met an HB8 in my college class a few months ago. Hooked up a few times but haven't in a couple months. We still text regularly but I'm aware that my text game is poor. I started reading these forums lately though and have improved somewhat. I just wanna show you guys my last two convos with this girl and see what you guys think. She has definitely flaked on me before despite saying she likes me and finds me very attractive. So I'm somewhat weary when she says she wants to hang out. Please let me know what I need to do better, any feedback is appreciated.

Sunday Night
HB8: When was the last time I saw u???!!!

Me: In your dreams

HB8: Hah that made me laugh out loud

Me: Hahaha good

HB8: Well I'm off everyday till Friday... They messed my schedule up this week
HB8: If u wanna hang out or something

Me: Yeah definitely

Two days Later aka Today, I attempt to arrange a meetup:

Me: Hey there miss "last name" enjoying your day off on this sunny day? *(today is very bleak out, there's a tropical storm where we live)

HB8: Sunny day?? All I see is (she used some rainclouds and umbrella emoticons for the iphone)

Me: Well I try to be positive, way to bring me down downer

HB8: Haha
HB8: Are u working? I went bowling last night my shoulder hates me today (she had shoulder surgery a few months ago)

Me: Yeah till 5 shoot me..
Me: Haha well I don't feel sorry for you, thats what you get

HB8: (she uses a scared smiley with a gun emoticon pointing at it)

Me: You're not supposed to actually shoot me

HB8: hehe

Me: Whatcha doing today?

HB8:I have a dr appt soon and dinner with my sisters and dad later then this bartender is moving away so like a going away thing for her tonight (she works at a restaurant)

Me: Oh cool
Me: Well I work til 5 this whole week. Lets do something tomorrow or Thursday if you're up to it and actually free one of those days miss hobbs?

Thats the end of it, about an hour ago. I assume she is at her doctors appointment though because i took a half hour to respond when she told me what she was doing today.

Any help or critique would be great