Hello, I'm new to the forums. I have lurked around, reading different posts, read some books (The Game, Mystery Method, Female Black Book, etc.), and while I still have aa I finally am opening random women for the first time ever. I have done a few dozen approaches, mostly during the day because I like to fly solo.

Anyways, I also I'm mixing it up in the online arena. I find it an easy thing to do on weeknights when I don't want to go out. So, I came across an absolutely gorgeous girl, an HB9 girl on OkCupid. Double D's, nice bubble butt, in great shape with a good looking mug. So naturally I messaged her, and I obtained her number. The catch though, is that we couldn't meet up because she is in SD for a week. I'm going to list our interaction to that point, and I just want an opinion since I am new to this if she is interested, going to flake, or what. Should I contact her Monday and go back and forth about how my weekend kicked her's ass or something? I don't believe I have this locked up, and I honestly feel if I get the date I should be able to F-Close. I got her number yesterday FYI.

Me: Alright HB9, you got some explaining to do:

Freelance makeup artist...what are some of the big things you have worked on?

Making people laugh...tell me a good joke then.

What is the most private thing you are willing to admit, or am I going to have to guess?

Tucker Max...what is your favorite story and why are you a fan? Are you secretly apart of his escapades and won't admit it.

HB9: the coolest thing ive worked on so far is the new boyz music video it was zombie themed. hasnt been released yet....

you cant just put me on the spot for a joke, i just sorta do/ say things that makes people laugh not necessarily a stand up comedian.

youre going to hafta guess

i loveeee his vulgeraity, i think dirty thoughts all the time so its nice to hear someone else say them. favorite story of his??? umm gotta be the sex stories he has. and no im not one of his groupies

Me: Alright, the New Boyz video is interesting. How did you get the job...hopefully you didn't hop in the back seat with them I am impressed that you are a makeup artist, you look better than the most of the models I see around LA. So what other things qualify for special effects beside blood, basic makeup, pretend scars and bruises? Never really got to talk with a makeup artist before.

No jokes on the spot...bummer. I always use a good laugh. You have 5 points, but you lost a few with that answer.

I'm going to half to guess...you pulled the DO NOT REMOVE sticker off your bed. Even if I'm wrong I feel like if I playing hot and cold with you on this, I am definitely heating up. I really am curious if you are that bold. Maybe if you play your cards right with this one you make up some ground for that joke you didnt tell and earn my number.

Mad props for the honesty about Tucker Max. Glad you aren't one of his groupies, while he is fun to read I'm not sure I could stand being around him 24/7 though. Yeah, you are absolutely right that everybody has dirty thoughts, and there is nothing wrong about that. Sex wouldn't be so enjoyable if we weren't all meant to do it. If you could live out one fantasy, what would it be, and why?

HB9: i went to the best makeup school in the country and daily they have people calling/emailing them for students or graduates to do makeup seeing as we all are trying to build our resumes and portfolios. special effects are prothestics, mold making, sculpting, doing bald caps, facial hair, tattoos/tattoo cover.

the do no remove sticker most deff came off my bed. its my bed why cant i remove it if i want to?!

yeah he would be a friend to hang out with occasionally for a good night out or something like that. live out a fantasy huh? i dont know.

Me: Didn't know all that came with the title, wasn't sure what exactly you did besides the obvious stuff. You make any interesting molds just messing around? What about play dress up with a bunch of prothestics? I think it would be awesome to become like an old man or something and heckle people in the streets, maybe even be an asshole like Tucker Max. What is a girl going to do to an old man? Sticks and stones might break bones, but words don't hurt me

You yanked the DO NOT REMOVE sticker off your bed? You are a naughty girl, you would be exiled if you were Amish for your transgressions. Wow, so how did you feel when you yanked it off? How has your life changed, do you just go around your furniture it home and rip it off without any feelings? I'm a little worried now about giving you my number, you might switch to clothing labels next. You really will be taking ripping my clothes off to a new art form. Do me favor, and take me out for a nice dinner and some wine before you do it? At least then I will feel like I made you earn your acts of rebellion.

You sit at ten points right now, five away from my number. You could have gotten there by now but you don't like to share fantasies. You said you have dirty thoughts, what do you think about then? I promise I won't judge, I just what to know what you how kinky and imaginative you are.You give some good replies back this time and promise to contain yourself when we meet up, and you will receive my number with a good reply, so hop to it!

HB9: alla that falls in the special effects world. its amazing to be able to turn a human into a creature. im gonna upload some pictures of some of the work ive done in a bit.

it was the most liberating moment ripping the tag off! oh i will most def switch all your clothes labels. youre suppoused to be taking me to dinner.

i promise you i think about sex more times a day than you do.

Me: Ok, I like the attitude, so you have earned your way to 15 points. Upload those photos, I want to see the brains behind the beauty. By the way, I look forward to the challenge of you ripping my clothes and try to switch the labels. I'm not going to lie, I am going to defend myself, maybe pin you to the ground and use my lips to keep you at bay. Start make a counter strategy now, because you are going to have a hard time not giving in and getting sucked into a heated make out session.

You think about sex more than do I? Wow, well this is your lucky day then. I think I get make your fantasies come to life.

Since you have been so patient, and working hard to get my number, text me at (XXX)-XXX-XXX and let me know you are real by sending me a few photos. I like what I see from your only profile picture but I wouldn't mind seeing you in some different outfits

(She put up 6 more pictures right after I said that)

{Last post on OkCupid came the next day}

Since you probably don't normally have to take the first step to talk to a guy, let me just remind you don't have to hold out for three days before you contact me. I mean, you already favorited me, and I favorited you, so we must be destined to meet up after that

I gave you my number because I figured you probably didn't feel safe about giving out your phone number to a guy you met online. I figured at worst, you just become another one of my stalkers and I have to cut all my tags off my clothes because otherwise you would be too tempted to chase after me like a teenage girl after a Justin Beiber sighting.

Don't worry, once I have your number, I'll be the man, you can be the woman. I will take charge and we can set something up. I don't bite (although if you want to act out some Twilight fantasy and you are willing to do the make up...that's another story). I promise to only send you 562 text messages stating my undying love for you in the 24 hour span after I get your number.

(She sent me this text 30 seconds after I sent her that)

HB9: Ready to have all your tags ripped off? Funny you mention Justin Beiber I happen to be a fan.

Me: I don't know, are you going to behave yourself If you think you can keep your hands off me, lets meet up. Are you available tomorrow night?

HB9:I'm not I'm in San Diego for a week

Me: Ok you are in SD for a week. When are you going to be back and be able to grab a drink and inspect my tags?

HB9:I'm honestly not sure, but if you're smart and play the cards right i'll let you know.