Theres a girl I know and I was lets say not so sober one night and Idk why or how but I sent her just a period like this-->. as a message through facebook. I know her but we really havn't talked much at maybe like 10 times max. She messaged me saying Why did you message me a period? Ya freak!(joking) I said What lol? Your the freak! She then said No. You're the one who sent me a random period, freaaaaak! Anyway the convo eventually led to her saying Id send you a picture but I don't have your number, but I promise ya freak! So I said you do now and said my number. We texted for a little while most of the day and it was nothing big. How can I initiate a text message sometime soon to get her attention and maybe steal her from this guy possibly? The guy she is with doesn't like her and said at the end of the summer he was breaking up with her because he's going back to college. She said alright to him and so Idk why she is still with him.