Hi there! I'm trying to approach one girl, two years younger. We played volleyball together the last tuesday but she ran too fast after the ringing of the bell and I couldn't introduce myself.She's about 7/10. One of the problems is that she has reached the limit of friends and I can't send her a friend request. So I wrote to her that in saturday:
Hi, we played volleyball together in tuesday, but you run too fast and we couldn't introduce each other (I don't know how to translate it better, I hope that you'll understand it).
She didn't answer because I've seen that she has changed her profile picture and there was still no answer. So can I write sth else to make her answer back ? Can you give me suggestions what can make her get attracted - we're not from the same city, only the same school and the next two years we're going to be in different shifts so fb is the only chance. I have one of her bff in friends, so if there's a chance to ask her about the skype of that girl or sth, would that look needy ?