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    Default this was wayy too easy, advice to proceed?

    OK so I tried a pretty common opener on facebook and it worked surprisingly well to a point where I am confused on how to respond, heres how the convo went:

    ME: question:
    Are you wearing a wig...........or is that your real hair in your pictures?

    HER: Real hair... y did u think it's a wig

    ME: Oh. I was just curious. Don't worry it looks nice. While I have your attention, I need a female prespective on something......Say, this guy is dating this girl, and she goes out with her friends, has a few drinks and ends of making out with a random guy at the bar.....Would you consider this cheating?

    HER: Are u official

    ME: of course but let me ask you this......Take the same scenario, but this time the girl is making out with another girl, and lets say she does this almost every time she goes out.....would you consider that cheating?

    she then followed this by saying here text me I'll help and she left me her number, I am a little confused on how to proceed I think she took this too literally. any help is appreciated


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    Default Re: this was wayy too easy, advice to proceed?

    It could mean anything. She wrote two quick lines and gave you her number, that's all, she isn't around at your place stripping naked just yet

    Write her a quick text 'hey' or whatever to check if she responds and then continue your conversation or better still move on with the conversation in a new direction so she is not 'helping' you but kept on her toes and about you the 'mysterious deep thinking man'. She may have just given you her number because she's not around her computer anymore or doesn't want to chat via facebook but via text.

    Text her and see how she opens up to your variety of conversations and don't forget to start subtly adding value and intrigue about yourself. Get her emotionally staggered to the point where she asks you out.

    Ive been doing a lot of chat and text dating lately and have got it to the point where most of the girls are asking me to meet up. It's a process: Firstly be happy, polite and fun, create intrigue, interest or comfort, then be a little provocative and cheeky, build up your value, get them in an emotional state with a little sexual/romantic flirting and wham! They will soon enough start saying 'we should meet up for coffee or a drink'. So if you got her to give you her number without asking, try get her to ask you out.

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