Hey everyone, I just found this forum today but been in the game for a few years and recently started the whole online thing. I just wanted to share a few things with everyone because you are all awesome!

My progression of openers
So I've been trying different openers and had some success with them. This is a template I used and have been improving on it. I'm on version 4.

Oh no, an engineer. You know what they say about engineers donít you?. Ha ha. What really caught my eye in your profile is you love cooking and people watching. Im not such a huge cook as Iím more of a baker, but I do love to people watch! I'm Stephen by the way and when I'm not charming people with my wit I love going on adventures and making people laugh. So what do your friends say about you? I know you get a TON of messages from guys (some really creepy ones i'm sure) but if you want to have a real conversation message me back!..... If you think your worth to get to know better that is. And if nothing else, you seem like you would make a cool friend

I drafted it from some of David D's ideas and various things I've heard. The first line is something like Oh no, a Star Wars fan or something. Like I said it's a work in progress. I'm working on messages that are more edgier/cocky.

So I love data. I'm a data nerd. If you guys haven't heard of OkTrends, CHECK THEM OUT. I would post URL's but cant. A lot of useful info.

Feedback is much appreciated!