Here's another opener I used on a girl who I'd say is an 8 or 9.

Again, make sure you read her profile & customize the email accordingly so that it's personal to her.
(I got her number in the 3rd email exchange & we're meeting up tomorrow)

Here we go:

____________________ ____________________ _____

July 03

I wrote: subject line: You have impeccable grammar

I'm not sure what got my attention the most; but I DO know that the spelling, grammar & intelligently written profile had a lot to do with it! ;o)

Also- I sense you possess a wonderfully sarcastic side & could probably be given the nickname "Miss Sassy-Pants" & it would be well suited to you.

If you come across this clearly in written word, I bet you're an absolute riot in real life!
Have a happy 4th!!


******Her Reply

RE: You have impeccable grammar!
Thank you Mark!
That is so refreshing that someone would compliment me on how my profile is written, I can assure you.... IT.IS.A.FIRST!!!! And, I wrote it all by myself, no help, honest!
Although I cannot say, I never use slang or abbr. but I believe there is a time a place for both sides of me.

As far as my sarcastic and sassy pants side.... let's just say that I have never been accused of holding in what I really think. I get it honestly, it runs in the family.

I do enjoy laughing and making jokes, even at my expense. I feel there are too many areas in life that must be serious, so if I can find a loop hole here and there, you better believe I am going to take it.

Hope you have a Happy 4th as well.


Remember, be original and confident.
It's TOTALLY OK to compliment her on a unique characteristic ; Especially something about her her profile. DO NOT say things like, "You're so beautiful" or "WOW, you're gorgeous".
She gets that sort of stuff ever day & hits delete.

Just be sure to make it personal to her, & not a generic carbon copy that you send to every girl.

Hope this helps Y'all with your online game!