I know there are a lot of questions about getting a girl's phone number, when you're working the "Online" strategy; But it's really pretty simple.

You simply ASK for it!

There are definitely building blocks you must establish beforehand; but after you've made the introduction, built rapport & comfort through teasing / Push-Pull / bantering etc...the easiest way of getting her number, really is to just let her know you want it.

You should be able to tell based on the conversation, whether or not she's ready to divulge that info. But; as soon as the hints are out there, just go for it! She wants you to ask!!!

That said, here's the last couple email transactions I had from the "Match" site. (I waited until the 8th exchange this time: just out of curiosity as to whether or not I could drag it out a little longer & build the suspense)

Soooo, let's join this conversation in "Mid-rapport"

____________________ ________

she said

RE: Thank you!
I'm working, but was off all last week so no complaints. My Tuesdays are easy anyway, so its all good! Enjoy your day off...any plans?

My reply:

RE: Thank you!

My plans for today include: learning to speak Cantonese, building a time machine, and relaxing.
I realize I probably won't be able to accomplish all of those, so I'll probably just stick with the relaxing part.


She said:

Ha! Relaxing is a goal you can easily obtain so go for it! Have a good one!

My Reply:
Ohhhh, if it were only that easy!

I'm always running at full speed, so relaxation does its darnedest to elude me.
Although, sometimes it finds a way to catch up; but it stinks when you have to "WORK" at relaxing.... (I REALLY need to fix that..)

BTW- we've been chatting for a couple days now, & you don't seem like the traditional stalker type.
AND.... I see a bit of a witty, goofy, somewhat "sassy" side about you. You don't mention it in your profile, but your eyes TOTALLY give it away.

That said, I'm leaning towards being OK with exchanging digits with you.
But.... there's one burning question which must be answered first.....

She said:
What's that one burning question?

My Reply: (after waiting a little longer to respond this time0

Well Laura, that question would be: What's your number? ~ heehee!

And just for fun, what was the first concert you ever attended?

She said:
The answer to that burning question is 615-xxx-xxxx
First concert was journey...what about yours?

____________________ ____________________ _____________

Ask & ye shall receive!

It's all about being Confident, UNIQUE, Confident, Playful, Confident..... get the idea?
Then you spin it like she needs to qualify herself to you. And if you do it correctly, (and confidently) she'll totally buy into the frame & take the bait.

You establish the "Higher Value" in a playful way, that goes under her radar & bypasses the "b1tch shield".
Then my friends, the gold is there for the taking.