was talking to HB8 online for couple of days, and decided to ask her for a drink. with out hesitation she replied and said for sure she would love to go for a drink, here is my number text me anytime xxxx
I got a number on mon around 10 pm, textexed her on tue at lunch and it went like this
Me 12.20pm What kind of troubles are you causing?

HEr 12.21 Sorry who is this? and no troubles today at work

Me 12.30 how many times you give out ur number in a day? :P

Her 12.31 A few. plus its my work cell

me 12.32 well then, its Ilya of...

her 1.30pm oh i there is not to many Ilyas out there so i know, sorry just busy at work

me 2.12 No worries

she texted me around 8 and just said hi how is it going?

waht you think is it a good convo starter with a girl u met online? what should i do different?