Hey guys i need some advice. I got my ex back but we still have a problem. The thing is she said she felt too attached. We hung out all day our first meetup and i left the day after. I then met her the next day and we had a good time with each othe again. Thw things is sh says she geta mad at me over small stuff and she doesnt like it. I dont react to her when she atqrts getting frustrated but im thinking i should start reacting by removng my attention fom her. If she starts complaining should i just leave ? The thing with me is i dont mind her getting frustrated. I sit and ask her whats wrong etc. I dont feel the need to leave but im thinking that this may help us. I honestly think its her self esteem. She has been talking to this guy and says she likes confidence. But she has no feelings for him and isnt interested in a relationship with him. She loves me. So im just wondering what to do? I plan on going back out with her n a week. She thinks she just needs time to be herself an get herself together. What should i do guys?