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    Default I dont know where to go from here

    Hey guys i grab a few of you openers and got a response but i dont know were to go from here , a bit of help please.

    ME: Hey, do you earn a lot? 'cause I need a woman to support me while I'm on the couch playing video games in my underwear all day

    HER: Nice

    ME:= ) I thought so,

    I'm reading your profile & you sound like a super-normal, regular next door neighbor sort of woman.
    However; your picture capture an unmentioned quality about you...

    Something in your eyes, gives away the fact that you're a bit spunky/sassy. There's a more upbeat, playful, adventurous side that you didn't describe. But it's totally noticeable.

    Just sayin' =)

    I'm Joe by the way.

    HER:You aren't the only one who has said you're like the girl next door type.
    Haha well the only reason I made my description that way is because I do not want this account, too many old guys trying to talk to me. I made this because I was curious not to meet someone on here. I am not desperate. :b
    Anyways I made it expecting that I would delete it after I had explored the website. But it won't allow me to because I have not had this account for longer than 24 hours, now I am stuck waiting until tomorrow. Receiving messages after messages. :l
    Yes, I am adventurous and I am playful. I am a very happy genuinely nice person. I just can't be nice on this site because guys on here are creepers. If I am nice they will get the wrong idea. D:

    So now what

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    Default Re: I dont know where to go from here

    "Wow so you think people online are desperate? That's a low blow. I like to think that they are just as curious as you. But are willing to stick it out for more than a day. If you're ever "curious" again and are willing to take a chance then let me know because you definitely would be the type of person I'd like to talk to us "desperate folk" "

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