I was talking to the janitor in a building where I work about online dating. I was talking to him in the context of getting advice and I asked him what is a good conversion rate on girl's email responding to you versus dates. In other words, girl emails you back, what's your stat on converting it to a date. He said that it depends on what the girl says. Some girls are just responding to be polite. On the other hand, if their response indicates that they have clearly read your profile, then that's a big time ioi.

Wondering about where to continue and where to disengage (maybe some of this sounds clueless but I promise I am not trolling).

1. If a girl responds negatively to your opener (as in they are aggressive/ annoyed/ insulting). Granted, opener/ profile was kinda out there (Bravo PUA on You Tube material).

2. If a girl responds but pretty much just answers your question in your email with very few words (less than 10)

3. Girl responds to your question only but in a more detailed fashion