I would like to know what next step is in this situation, and if I could do anything better with this girl, so I can do it better with the next girls I'll meet.

I saw a little hot asian girl in a club, she was hanging out with a celebrity and her girlfriends. Her name is Lynn.

I approached with a lot of Kino, got her number.

Next day I borrowed a phone and texted her.

Me "I've been trying to get in the Zoo but these stupid guards won't let me in! Is there anyway you can escape? Jonas"

We then had a 2-3 text conversation that I don't remember any of.

Later that day, I logged on Facebook and saw a picture of HER!

Apparently we were allready Facebook friends, so I commented the picture

Me "Omg its you!"

Lynn "Haha omg it was you"

(10 days days later)

I got my own phone number today, so I texted her:
(The whole conversation went down in danish, my main language)

Me (I didn't know it was this girl) "Hey just got money on my phone and apparently I've gotten this number. Who are you?"

Lynn "If you are porshia! Daaamn sweety how many numbers you got?"

Me "I am Jonas, who are you??"

Lynn "The one you meet at karel (the club we met) lol

Me " "The one".. I don't know you that well yet lol"

Lynn "Lol the forget this number!! If you are Jonas with the cool hat? You could remember a little asian girl with Sidney Lee last friday? You texted me last saturday...!!

Me "Clearly we don't have the same kind of humor..well what are you doing today?"

Lynn "Sorry my danish is not that well "