I txt:

Thanks for the kudos on the pix.

You know us guys have that very delicate and very fragile organ. It has to be handled with care and lots of love because it's easily deflated, but with a few strokes it perks right up and can even triple in size!

Yeppers, the Male Ego is a terrible thing to waste. That's why most of us guys go to great lengths to get it stroked. Nothing makes us feel better than a compliment from a woman. I know I like all your pix. There is one I'd like to make a painting of.

She txt:

LOL nice play on words...witty and I like, I like alot....a man with intelligence, has an eye for beauty and is good at stroking....a canvas with a paint brush....what more can a lady ask for? Please I would be honored to be at the mercy of your hand and brush as the subject of your artistic eye and talent...Hugs, K~