Hey guys,

Really quickly,
It's my first post so I may as well introduce myself before I talk about my problem. I'm Aries93, from NY and going to college at Binghamton. Ok.

So I met this smoking hot chick about a year ago on a day trip out to the hamptons. She had this really awesome energy and demeanor that I haven't been able to forget about her since. When I met her, I knew I had to leave my girlfriend because she was what I wanted-a girl like that.

Back in March I shot her a drunken message saying basically (not word for word), "hey we met awhile ago not sure if you remember but I'd love to get back in touch."

She responded by saying "Awww of course I remember you! But I'm kinda talking to someone right now "

Me: Alrighty . Well if at some point you think it's appropriate, I'd love to get back in touch! I hope all is going well. Enjoy your day

This was far before I read The Game and conquer your campus so my outlook has since changed. I thank those books that I have even come to grips on female psychology. My theory about women still remains, don't try to understand women because women understand women and all women hate each other :P

Anyways... so basically we haven't spoke since then and although I'm not obsessing over this one girl, I'd like to maybe give it a shot and see whats up, maybe something could come of it. facebook game isn't my forte, I actually don't really believe in it but in this case I've met her and spoken to her before where it isn't completely random.

She has sent out a bunch of those nike virus shoe advertising photos, if anyone knows what im talking about, and so she's been tagging me in these inconvenient photos I couldn't give a sh1t about. I figured maybe this is a good chance to reconnect with her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't even really care if I friendzone her, she's just a chill girl. Should I let it be? Thanks in advance for the advice guys-really appreciate it.