There is this girl that I'm not supposed to hit on, like really. A lot younger than me, barely jailbait, and all her friends and family are the people teaching martial arts to me. And she might have a bf.

So I've been gaming her like a ninja anyway, always keeping a really high plausible deniability. It worked quite well, and we just had a camping week-end two weeks ago where things went really well (she asked about the gf, did a lapdance without me asking for it, started a lot of sex related convos, etc). Until Saturday, while bored during a date with another girl I got more straightforward than usual and sent her a fb message:

"Hey, I wanted to text you but realized I didn't have your number, that's not right, need to fix that"

(Yeah, I couldn't get it earlier..) And suddenly, no answer at all, nothing.

I'm hesitating between two reactions:

- Freeze her out, continue acting normally, and if she mentions it, act like it was not important and you just wanted to chat a bit because you were bored during a date with a girl(which was the case)

- Call her out on it, in a C/F way, but no real idea how to do it (maybe just a "Hey, you need to be careful, I have a personal rule of never asking for a phone number more than once")

Any advice would be welcome guys