Really there is no difference between texting and real life communication. You are expressing who you are. Girls like smart men so be intelligent in what you say. Be adaptable in how you use technology and texts. No offense but talking about kiddy breakfast cereals at midnight is childish. Ask her questions that are far more adult like and emotional so she doesn't get bored. You're writing late at night - ask her 'are you lying around on your bed?' 'What are you wearing?'. 'Send me a pic of you'. If she doesn't send a picture, send a picture of you doing something interesting or funny (that is potentially risky but confident also). Or if she is up late tease her a little 'Go to bed!!!' disqualifying yourself from wanting to chat.

It is the quality of conversation that counts so avoid rsisky subjects that women could potentially neg you back on like breakfast cereals. Had you said 'Im deciding whether to have camomile tea or green tea' or 'wonder what fruit I should have as a midnight snack - mango or strawberries' the chances are no girl will dislike such positive healthy natural foods and if they do you can neg them back for being unhealthy. Also try get onto IM applications like talkbox and wechat where you can use far more interesting emoticons and expression. Some girls don't text much and if thats the case use your time wisely to meet in person. How much you text is really dependent on how much the girl texts, so calibrate to her. If you only have small windows of opportunity to chat make it really punchy, say something that gets her emotional juices flowing and elevates your status and then dissapear. If you are last to text, don't worry too much about it and don't dwell on it.