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    Default Rescue My Convo - I opened too plainly

    ok, so I screwed up, and opened with a totally lame opener on my first attempt at online dating. But I at least got a response [her profile said she's a graduate of Tennessee and a big college football fan]:

    Hi there, my name's [r]. I was reading through your profile and I think you sound charming and fun, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm actually moving to Oahu in October. I've only been there briefly, but it was beautiful and I can't wait to get there and go exploring. What do you recommend to someone new there? I'm sure you have a few favorite Oahu adventures by now.

    Full disclosure though: I'm a Texas A&M fan, but since we're new to the SEC and in the SEC West, I'm willing to put that aside. For now.


    Hi (R),

    Congrats on moving to the most beautiful place ever. You're going to love it. Favorite things so far on the island: skydiving followed by a day on the North Shore (famous food truck, beach & sunset on Sunset Beach). That's the perfect day ever right there if you ask me.

    No worries, much of my family went to Texas A&M, and I grew up in Texas, so I won't hold that against you.

    Did you go to school there? Ever go to the Aggie bonfire? My grandfather always tells me stories of his days at the bonfires.


    so there's a little raport going on, but it's mediocre. What can I do to help liven things up?

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    Default Re: Rescue My Convo - I opened too plainly

    She's invested a small amount of herself in you, so she feels a bit comfortable with you. Look at the IOIs, she's asking YOU questions. Answer one at a time, and elaborate on it. Make it sound like something AWESOME that she'd missed out on and possibly something that YOU can BRING TO HER LIFE.

    But keep it short and to the point. It's good to build rapport, especially online, but eventually go for the number. Texting is MUCH more personal than the online site, so definitely go for the number. But build enough comfort to get the number, and when you do start escalating sexually immediately!

    Don't forget to CALIBRATE!
    Success or fail; everything you try can be chalked up as a learning experience~

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