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Thread: She says "Lol" a lot

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    Default Re: She says "Lol" a lot

    lol and other abbreviations, along with smileys, slang, and sentence length are the text equivalent of body language. They're slightly different with everyone, but the general premise is the same.

    As far as lol goes, in my experience it's basically the text equivalent of smiling. It's a way to show your positive energy. And it's so easy to do that most people don't even think about it. It never really means that she's literally laughing out loud.

    The best way to deal with a girl who says lol a lot, or really any girl you're texting, is to mirror their texting style. If they say lol, throw in some more lols in your texts. If you have some personal vendetta against lol, typing out "haha" does the same thing. Same goes for smileys and sentence length (fun fact: I use smiley's all the time, it keeps messages from being misinterpreted...mos t of the time). Mirroring like that builds a subconscious connection between you two, makes her feel like you're like her and relate to her.
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    Default Re: She says "Lol" a lot

    If the girl is just talk and no action then move on, but if she is just shy and doesn't know how to transition to the next level...then it is your responsibility as a man to arrange the occation for the two of you see each other! It is the hunters impossibility to set up the traps, and the pray will fall for it if she is interested!If the pray is interested she will play along, even if it seem ridiculous, she just needs an excuse to save face!

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