Trying to set up 3rd date...closed her on last date. Don't want to sound like AFC. Advice?

ME: Hey you...yeah YOU...can you keep a secret?
HER: Is it a good one?
ME: Don't tell anyone but I met a really awesome girl recently. Her name is [name]. It is a shame she is so forgetful though...and her boobs aren't bigger ;-P.
HER: Quality over quantity.
ME: Sunday I'm playing disc golf...join me?
HER: What time? I have to be at school 3-11
ME: Around 6pm. Lets grab a beer when you're done tomorrow night.
HER: Can't tomorrow night. I get out at 11pm and have to go back at 6am. Need my beauty rest. I'm at school tonight til 11pm.

we have some inside jokes, she is telling me when she is free tonight, but I already have plans. Dont want to do the "when are you free next week?" type every other guy would. So I am looking for the best response to her last message...or should I go with no response at all?...