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    Default Text help with HB8

    A friend and I went out Wed. night to a bar that had karaoke. The Bar was pretty dead but they did have two HB8's. One was the bar tender while the other HB8 was a friend of hers that was a regular bc she loves singing country music and is a really good singer. Once I walked in the bar i noticed her looking at the book of songs. I approached her saying "picked your song yet?" She started talking when the HB8 bar tender said "hey! dont hit on my girl" We all laughed then she wrapped her arm around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder then I small talked her a bit asking her if she was a rapper or rocker. She said country then I teased her on that for a bit. Anyway every guy in there would hit on her and buy her shots all night while I was just kicking back and not paying attention drinking and watching the NFL game and talking to other guys about the game and stuff. I never offered to buy her drinks or anything like that. Didnt want to show to much interest. She sings a few songs then got off stage and i would give her high fives and stuff then she tells me she is trying out for american idol. I chose a song for her to sing but she wouldnt do it bc its jason aldean song and coundnt sing that low. I teased her telling her Simon wants that song and that if he were here she woud be history. I was just teasing her saying im Simon and was auditioning her. Guys were talking to her all night throuout the night. I would notice that she would always hang baqck around where i was but not really talk to me just be like standing around talking to others behind me and stuff. I didnt show much interest bc I didnt want to look like all the other drunks hanging on her. Anyway I was sitting at the bar when she came up by me and asked the bar tender for her keys that she was leaving. She then teased me bc a guy just so happend to start singing the song i wanted her to sing. We joked about 2 min when I told her "you seem like a cool chick. let me get you number" She started telling me it when I couldnt hear bc the music so she typed it in my phone for me. This has happend Wed. night. Now its friday and I decided to wait a day to text her. I used a canned Opener with:

    ME: 11:08AM Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant!? Thats idiculous...gotta love animal planet during lunch...

    HER: who is this?

    ME: The famous Simon. How's your singing career going? lol

    HER: um...the British one?

    ME: 11:22AM Hmm...the one you was scared to sing for.

    Its Sunday and havnt got a reply back from her. What direction should I take to keep her interested and get a date soon. Did I wait to long? She was interested in me at the bar. Any advice guys? Thanks

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    Default Re: Text help with HB8

    you deffinately needed to get her talking about herself, add questions into your texts to get her more involved in the convo

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