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Thread: How do you work out who pays on dates?

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    Default Re: How do you work out who pays on dates?

    well you can make the cheap date special by having a good time, you have to be creative and fun, (the essentials of being a pua) as for having her to your place i recomend watching a good comedy movie that you will both like and will make you laugh. as far as cooking for her its your choice (though i don't recomend making gourmet cousine) easey mac will be just as fine and won't seem try-hard. maybe have some popcorn to go with the moovie, (popcorn fights are the greatist for having lots of cheap fun if you don't mind cleaning up later) just don't cook anything special unless your in an LTR

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    Default Re: How do you work out who pays on dates?

    ok thanks that sounds like a good rule. I mean I am a gourmet chef so to me making something fancy is as easy as easy mac lol, but your saying just dont do it until your in a long term relationship because it sends the wrong signals right? Does this mean that I cant reheat leftovers from a gourmet meal either? lol

    And as long as were talking about cheap or creative date ideas, why dont we all list some our favorites. I for instance love:

    1. Going for scenic walks (which could easily turn into an adventure)
    2. Visiting water falls and historic or significant sites around the city (possibly as part of an adventure)
    3. Going to a hip trendy coffee shop
    4. Having them over to my place for my signature cocktails (I infuse my own vodkas with fruit and herbs/spices and make some crazy cocktails) and to play them some of my music (that I made, which they usually find very endearing) and possibly (if I can do so without seeming too pretentious), reading them some excerpts from my book (which I wrote, and again usually make sthem very enamoured with me) - This is usually a second or third date idea because it involves more trust and intimacy and can easily lead to sex.
    5. Inviting them out to my favorite bar on the night when draughts are only 2.75 (and having them try the a javah coffee stout brewed with cocoa which t hey find to be the most delicious beer they have ever tried and now associate me with a pleasant new and different sensory experiences) for a challange to a game of ping pong (as this bar happens to be the only bar in the city with a ping pong table).
    6. Inviting them to (possibly cheap) movie.

    But of course a couple of these still involve paying for something, and I know there are much more creative date ideas out there (even I have had some at one point but they escape me now), so what are some of yours?

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