Ok so I have a date with my ex next Friday (9-7-12) I'm
Looking for some good date ideas. She is actually my kids mom. And I've been trying to
Get her back for 3 years now, and probably made every AFC mistake
On her in the process and have probably even invented new ones.

She has always shown no interest in me ad refuses any of my attempts
Of dating, sex, even hanging out! I mean she wouldn't budge at all. Well I'm
Very proud to announce that since my join date here and a good amount of research and working
On my game. I actually got her to Agree to a date and what shockedemtje most is it wasn't that hard, I pretty much just made a bold move, and did something I would have never done before.

Pretty much went down like this.

Me: blah blah why don't you let take you out. I owe you a long over due date.
Just a night of fun, nothing more.

Her: No, that would be cheating (she just started seeing
Someone barely 2 months in)

Me: whoa your getting ahead of yourself
There! I Was just talkig about a innocent night of fun!

Her: lol oh.

Me: Great That's a deal. Next Friday I'll pick you up at 9. Don't make any plans.

Her: I don't know bizee (except my real name)

Me: Well hopefully you will be there at 9 next Friday or I'll be outside your door looking like an idiot. You have until then to make up your mind, but I WILL be there. Dress cute.

Her: I haven't said yes yet.

Me: I know

Her: (5 min later) ok this Friday or next Friday?

Ok that's basically how it went down. It was through txt, I was
So shocked at her responses. All I did different was TELL her I was going
To pick her up and take her out. Instead of ask, beg, plead. She's even dating
Someone right now. She always tells me no. Quite
Coldly too, Sorry I'm super excited like a little kid because of how well this worked.

I would have never expected her to answer like that. It went from
Hell no to maybe to a 90% yes.
I honestly think she will go out with me
She's just tryig to act hard. What do you guys think?

I thought she hated me, but this may prove otherwise. Any advice?

Also since this could be a one time
Chance for me I need date ideas, she's an ex and shes
Seeing somone right now, so I need ideas that will really impress her.

Thanks in advance guys