Long story short, a girl from my work started with me
and we went out for 2 times. In the second time we went to see a movie and we were holding hands and kissing.
Two days after it my boss let me know that I need to move to a different city (2.5 hours driving), so I moved last sunday.
And when I called her that day she was very sad and so on..
and those are the text that I did until now:

Me: Stop!
Her: stop whattt
Me: Stop smiling and thinking about me. see, you'r doing it...right. . . now.
Her: haha howed yu know?
Me: Because thinking about my face causes worldwide happiness
Her: haha i bettt

and later on I texted:

Me: you know, you surprised me
Her: why is that
Me: haha I thought your facebook would be packed with piercing pictures --(since she got a lot of piercing)
Her: haha Nope

it has been 5 days now, and I have no Idea what to text..
what do you say guys ?