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    Thumbs up Tried getting this girl for over a year now...

    I have NO idea what the hell I'm doing with girls. I am so helpless it's not even funny. My PUA friend suggested I utilised this website.

    Here's some information about me
    -Still a virgin
    -Never had a "serious" relationship
    -"Went out" with two girls
    -Barely made it to first base (kisses on the lips, never made out etc.)

    About this girl I'm trying to get
    -Intelligent (Irony isn't it?)
    -Cheerleader, field hockey player
    -Nice to everybody

    Just to show you how BAD I am at texting girls,

    I was at sports practise at school and she goes to text me as soon as she leaves.

    Her: You're doing cross country ? 7:41 PM
    Me: yeah, why? 8:04 PM
    Her I just had no idea, lol 8:05 PM
    Me: you saw me running around like an idiot? 8:09 PM
    Her Naah, I saw you when I was talking to (friend) 8:15 PM
    Me: oh. Were you there when someone backed into my car? :L 8:16 PM
    Her: I don't think I was 8:46 PM
    Me: Are you kidding me? This senior takes his mustang, floors it, and hits my merc. :L 8:49 PM
    Her: Daaamn. 8:50 PM
    Me: where do you live? 8:52 PM
    Her: (Town) 8:53 PM
    Me: that's out of the way. I was thinking I could give you rides, but i guess not. 8:56 PM
    Her: Sorrryy 8:59 PM
    Me: it's okay. you play fockey? 9:00 PM
    Her: Yuuuup, 9:05 PM
    Me: do cross country too 9:06 PM
    Her: LOL JK. I can hardly run for field hockey 9:07 PM
    Me: honestly cross country is a sport made for people who can't do anything else. 9:09 PM
    Her: I do field hockey, cheerleading, and softball #getatmehbrah 9:10 PM
    Me: yeah i just do XC. maybe ill go for bowling. Wanna trade lives this year? you get to be a junior and I get to relive grade 10. 9:13 PM
    Her: My mom wants me to do bowling because I haven't gone bowling in like 6 years&I scored like 90 something. Buuuut that would interfere with cheer so no. &no -.- 9:18 PM
    Me: it's okay>.> i didnt want to get a concussion and miss 3 months of school anyway <.< :P 9:25 PM
    Her: ..........2 months thanks. 9:25 PM
    Her: And you said relive 10th grade....that happened 9th. 9:26 PM
    Me: i fail. 9:26 PM
    Me: Can you do me favour? 9:27 PM
    Her:: Yeah, litttle bit. &depends 9:28 PM
    Me: Win 9:29 PM
    Her: What. 9:30 PM
    Me: Win. In games. 9:30 PM
    Her: Wut gamez 9:32 PM
    Me: Every single one. 9:32 PM
    Her: LOL JKKKKK 9:33 PM
    Me: For me? please 9:33 PM
    Me: hahah sadly; no. I couldn't check you guys out because I was too focused on my running which is something im passionate about 9:36 PM
    Her: We're terrible. But yeah I hate running -.- lmao 9:38 PM
    Me: but yet you do fockey? 9:43 PM
    Her: Yeah, it's not nearly as much running as cross country though. 9:44 PM
    Me: honestly, do you want a guy's opinion of fockey? 9:46 PM
    Her: Sure 9:47 PM
    Me: LOLOLOLOL "it's hawt to see your skirts fly up." <---- not my words 9:53 PM
    Her: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Too bad I wear shorts under them... 9:55 PM
    Me: still 9:56 PM
    Her:: Wut 10:01 PM
    Me: do you think we could become better friends this year 10:08 PM
    Her:: Idkk 10:10 PM
    Me: and you didnt say hi today 10:12 PM
    Her:: Sorry, I was kinda sore&just wanted to go home&eat 10:13 PM
    Me: i guess it works both ways. I was too shy to say anything. 10:15 PM

    And I guess this is when she went to sleep. She texted me the next day. We had a small convo that's not worth posting honestly.

    Oh yeah did I forget to mention she rejected me like 2023093 times in the span of a year? Yeah, I'm still not going to give up.

    How should I text her the next time? Any tips? Most importantly, how should can I get her?

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    manunited000 is offline PUA in Training
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    Default Re: Tried getting this girl for over a year now...

    Hey Mate,

    Don't worry about it, everyone starts off like this. In fact, you're probably starting at an advantage because you're athletic. Honestly, I could go through all of the stuff that you could have done in those texts and all but, there isn't really much point if you don't improve your overall game.

    Lucky for you, you've come to the right place to do this. The guys on this site are absolute legends.

    There are a couple of books on the matter that are amazing. The game by Neil Strauss, the Venusian Arts Handbook by Mystery, and the Definitive Book of Body Language are a couple of good ones to start on. Trust me, you'll go through them in a week.

    Anyways, that's my two cents. Happy sarging!

    "It ain't about how hard you can hit. It's about how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward"

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    afh81 is offline Aspiring PUA
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    Default Re: Tried getting this girl for over a year now...

    On reading that, it looks like you're being too much of a nice guy. Offering her rides, asking to be better friends, etc...

    You're giving her all of the control in the conversation. You also have the benefit of being at school with her, so you can see her, she can see you all of the time. I would suggest freezing her her out a bit, and gaming other HBs. Like you said, she has shot you down a number of times, and trust me, i have been in the same spot, being her pal and super nice to her is only making it worse for you. I am sure other people will agree, she isn't attracted to you like that. You have to build the attraction. Let her see you with other girls. She'll want what she can't have.

    There is lot's of stuff on this forum that can offer advice better than I can, but all I can say is you're being her friend, and if you keep it up, that's where you'll stay

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    pwonager is offline PUA Forums Respected Contributor
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    Default Re: Tried getting this girl for over a year now...

    "Me: do you think we could become better friends this year"

    WHAT were you trying to accomplish with this ???

    Everything you say must have a purpose. Do you want to fuck this girl or have her as your Bestie ?

    I suggest you go cocky/funny. Read Mystery Method, Double Your Dating, etc..

    There's tons of material out there.

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