I'm a PUA texting this HB9 i met a few months ago, i just wanna know what i did right or wrong.

HB: Heyyyy mahh favorite hippyyy <333
haha what's up ?
How are youuu ?

Me: Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

HB: hahaha, niceee, samee here. i'm so bored but i dont wanna do anything.

HB:that's good to hearr, i wish we kicked it more before i leftt

Me: Girl, that was a fail on the fresh prince reference, lol
yeah, maybe you'll have to head my way again sometime.
I'm sure you found some guys almost in my league, lol

HB: hahahha, you make laugh hahh deffinetly nott bro, your chill af . AND YOUR GONNA HAVE TO HEAD MY WAY SOMETIME HOMIEE )
i wanna show you the hippie crowds down heree

Me: a'ight, what would you wanna do if i came to see you,

HB: i would show you around mahh hood.

Me: ya hooood! lol

HB: lol, i knoww your dying to comee see me anyway

Me: lol, come bum around Cali, tokin' up and hittin the beach with a gorgeous girl...nah, lol

HB: hahhahaha (x your insanee , you deffiently missing out on the cali experience
butt you're sweet

Me: I got some roof work to do, but I don'tthink I ever got your number...

HB: roof work ? and you did, but here, it's xxxxxxxxxx

Me: Yeah, I've got to put shingles and gutters up. fun stuff

HB: have fun with thatt hhah

Week Later:

Me: Congrats!!

HB: Onn ?! hahha

Me: I was just thinking about you... Congratulations

HB: hahaha, why are you soo awesomee. but heyy coongrats you got my thinking about youu maaa friend

Me: Don't think about me too much... I'm not there to enjoy it! haha

HB: hahahah i wished you lived in sd

Me: Wouldn't that be fun!!

HB: right, i hope you atelast visit sometime

Me: For sure. anyway hit me up sometime Cali, I'm gettin off
you got mynimber

HB: will do michhyyy