Hey guys, i need some of you more experienced folks to gauge this girls responses. Is she interested or not?

bit of background: im 18, shes 16, i look older than i really am (probably the hair). Start (first date) was really bumpy, some stuff really threw me off, i dint make a move on time even tho i all signals were there.
Later on we had a talk about us, she thought that i felt too mature for her/got the impression that i wanted serious relationship (and now that i know her better i actually do), and that she would feel to confined. Seeing hre this was going i dindt try to explain myself, would probably seem desperate to get together with her, just said "youre probably right, i thnk it would be better if we would just stay friends".
I thought that was that, but then she started sending me signals (or i think she was), making me think that this one wasnt lost completely just yet
(although it could be that she just wants attention)

Now for the texting, it would be great if any of you could help me interpret it more clearly, i think things are positive for me, could be dead wrong

<random texting>
Me: Thats a strange way to have fun. Are you some sort of sick weirdo?
Her: yeah, im a farking weirdo alright. Nah. Just kidding xD
Me:"farking weirdo"...That paints a picture. How do weirdos fark? Srs question xD
Her: Tra la la la la D
Me: Way to go, now ill spend half the night imagining it instead of sleeping
Her: La la la la la
///{what i get from this: reluctant to talk about sexual topics)

Me: Dont get started
Me: You probably wont be there anyways your friend one the other hand... Ok, thats just wrong
/// (her younger best friend is illegal, but is pretty damn hot)
Her: over the summer my brain started to degrade xDD i think i missed something? xDD
///(appearantly she didnt understand that i was talking about that imagining "weirdo farking" thing, yet)
Me: whatever
Her:Yeah... well not really. But since i dont have any other option - what ever it is
///(at this point i think she got it)
Me: why not?
He: Would have to go deep into it
Me: im not sure where youre coming from
her: So what should i do?
Me: huh? Look, if its something serious, lets leave till tommorow ///(were both going to the concert)/// we have a problem understanding each other in person, over text - disaster
Her: sounds good Im dont even know what were talking about right now xDD
Me: no kidding

ended on this, didnt wish her good night (i usually dont), she havent texted me anything after too