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    Default Did she flake on me or sh*t tested?

    I met this HB8 the other day by luck. We had met before and had chit-chatted but I had made no effort in getting to know more about her. She's a waitress at a place next to the place I work.

    So, back from where I began, I met her at a night club. I had just arrived and she had just finished her shift. She bought me a drink and then we bounced to another night club for one more drink. We talked some more and then kissed. I then took her to her place where I used a technique I'm putting into test lately (fake LMR from my side) which worked pretty well and then I f-closed her.

    The next morning we exchanged phone numbers and that night I went over to the place she works for a drink with a friend (she's a part timer there and although I use to visit that place very often after work I hadn't met her before). She came to our table a few times and spent some time with us. After my friend left I stayed some more and then I left too.

    The third night I also visited her after I finished my shift but she was way too busy, so I told her that I was planning to go find some friends at some other place and that I would most probably return later, when she'd be more available with which she agreed. So I left and returned after a couple of hours with another friend of mine. She was indeed less stressed and came to our table a few times but then, while we were talking she mentioned that she's too busy at this period (she really is because she's moving to another place) and that she just broke up with some guy. I did not react weird at all and tried to show her that I felt comfortable with her status. I told her that I've been there before and I know how it feels and I don't want to push or stress her.

    Did she flake on me or sh*t tested me?

    And now for the extra, more interesting part of the story.

    After she told me the above, me and my friend stayed some more at the place (an hour or so). She returned to our table multiple times, only these times she was talking more to my friend and paying less attention at me and was being more distant. When we decided to leave, my friend went to find her and wish her goodnight and I assumed it would be bad if I didn't too. But, when I spoke to her she appeared cold somehow. Instantly I decided that we had a great time together and it was not alpha from my side to try harder.

    Totally unexpectedly, the next night SHE CAME OVER at the place where I work to say "hi" and we talked a little. It was something that confused me but I didn't show any surprised at all. After all, I liked it. What would you do next? I think I'm not going to contact her or visit the place she works while she's there, at least not for a few days. Would it be cool to show up with some other HB or would it create more tension between us?


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    Default Re: Did she flake on me or sh*t tested?

    i think if you brought a girl where she works she would be very upset with you. she was shit testing you by talking to your friend to see if you would get jealous or not. it sounds like she does like you just keep playing it cool but dont go to her work all the time just 2, 3 times tops in a week
    im on a different level

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