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    Default Didn't even have to ask for her number.

    This girl and I have been talking on facebook for 2 or 3 days now. Earlier today she was telling me about wingnight at the restaurant she works at so my friend and I decided to go. I let her know as a responding message to what she said and she was very excited to hear about me coming. To make this short, the night went well. I caught her looking at me throughout the night & towards the end of her shift, she came over to talk to us.

    Now to the Number Close...
    My friend got up to pee, so I took the opportunity to number close. While she was talking about something I opened up my contacts screen and place my phone in front of her. Before I could even say anything, she said "oh!", picked up my phone, and put her number in it. She put my phone down when she was finished, then picked it back up and put a cat emoticon beside her name. I pretended that I didn't see it and locked my phone screen. Then she said, smiling, "you have to look at it, you'll like it", so I came back with, "I will don't worry, I'll let you know if I like it when I text you". She just looked at me with a "look", so I smiled back haha.


    What should my opener be when I text her? I got her number a few hours ago so I figured I'd text her tomorrow around lunch.

    Thanks, fellas!

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    Default Re: Didn't even have to ask for her number.

    Read this and this and this; and if you've already read them, check out more here. These have helped me a lot with my text game.

    The good thing is you're not actually "opening" her with this first text, you're just continuing the already ongoing interaction - so open with something cocky/funny and tease her about something recurring which you negged her for the other night. Or go for the insta-date since she's already shown interest you have the green light for some Direct Game + mild disinterest. And if you text her at lunch you can always go situational like:

    "Hey there [some nickname based on a previous neg] I'm having lunch at [unique place] and there is this odd looking [unique coffee shop or bar] across the street. Looks kinda sketchy, I'm taking you there because I'm sure I can run faster if the sh1t hits the fan :P"

    That one's kinda long but you get the idea.

    P.s. If she says she can't make it or suggests a different place, it's not necessarily a sh1t test - she might just actually want to go somewhere else or have trouble with logistics. Play it all cool, "'s no big deal." -Mystery
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