Ok I think I made a mistake. (I have not much experience)

So I was at this party last night and a friend introduces me to this girl. We start talking and I'm getting The Vibe that she digs me. Touching my face, arms, etc... . She took my phone and put her number in it without me even asking. (Don't ask me how I did it because it happened to me and even I dont know)

Anyway after I left I texted her and she is really cold over texting. Like she isn't interested. However I send one message and she gives always a respond.

Today she texted me first and I texted back with some delay.
At a point I didn't know what to say anymore so I said:

You left kinda early. I thought you were gonna close the party (note: I was already gone)

she texted immeadiatly back very cold: yeah I was tired around 4.

I tried to get her to open up a little more by texting:
I understand. I was gone. That makes the party boring, hehe

She texted back:
If you think so.

So veterans. How can I recuperate from that and get her to open up a little more like at the party.
Or do you think its a lost cause?