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    Default The Casual Coffee Date, Redone

    Hey guys, So I number closed on a HB8.5 yesterday.

    We only talked for like 15 minutes before I had to leave and got her number, so i figured a first date with her should be something casual, rather than my go to (ice skating or bowling).

    Right now, i'm planning a coffee thing for thursday. Do you think this is good? I know coffee is a bit platonic, so my idea to spice it up was to grab coffees downtown and then walk down to this really nice waterfront park, where coincidentally, there are plenty of spaces for couples to sit (bench-swings, tables, the docks/jetti), and watch the sunset, which apparently sets at 7:10pm EST on thursday in my city.

    Does this sound like a good date? I figured i could sort of build rapport and just talk on the walk down, maybe some attraction, slowly transition to flirting and Kino once we're seated on one of those cozy swingsets or something, and try my luck for a kiss if the moment is right when the sun is setting.

    If this sounds like a good idea, how much time should I give myself before sunset? Maybe set the date for 6pm downtown, should give us over an hour to get coffee and walk down to the park.

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    Default Re: The Casual Coffee Date, Redone

    So far, so good... however, it does sound a bit too planned... a kiss is a moment, not a planned moment... this you will have to gauge... Ive shared a kiss within 5 minutes because there was that moment that presented itself mutually and it was a hot kiss...

    I would also have to say the date sounds generic.. coffee is always good, tea is better (think about breath)... a glass of wine is more relaxing... but a little excitement or something to really both be in the moment would be more memorable and fun for you both.

    BTW, make sure you pop a breath mint, especially after your coffee... most women pay attention to the way a man tastes, considering they are already attracted to the chemistry... plus bad breath overly wet kisses (when first kissing) are a major turn off for most women... lightly caressing a woman's face or cupping her face in your hands immediately sends "safe/comfort" signals to her...

    99 out of 100 women would never sleep with a bad kisser and not reading the moment or an awkward kissing moment is considered bad kissing.. so make sure your kissing game it on bro.

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