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    Default 2nd date was going well then downward sprial

    Hey folks, new to the dating game since just got divorced from a 14 year relationship. Had a few dates, but nothing special and didn't really care for the girls I went out with. anyway..

    I met this girl that I haven't seen in years. We have mutual friends that neither of us see to often, so it was kind of easy to get some conversation going. After chatting it up for a bit, we went to a bar for a first date. It went awesome. Conversation went smooth, Kino was good, we stayed much longer than expected, and made out like in the parking lot after. She asked me not to leave and I would have loved to stay longer, but I have 2 kids and babysitter. She has a daughter as well, so we both lead busy lives in our early 30's

    We made plans to go out again and two days before she flaked just saying that she recently got out of a relationship and wasn't ready. I just texted back saying that's cool, had a good time the other night and keep in touch. You know, the no hard feelings/its cool/later thing. Well, she kept texting me over the next few days and I pointed out that it is no big deal, had fun, I can leave it at that, see ya around. Finally I pointed out that she must be interested since she won't stop texting me. We made plans to meet up again.

    I took her to dinner and we hit a few bars after. The whole time was great again. We laughed a lot, got pretty drunk, make out, and ended up back at my place (my kids with their mom that night). It went downhill from there. Never heard or had problems with Whiskey d**k before, but it happen. Started, but couldn't finish and it was just a bad performance overall. Very awkward to say the least. Never had that problem before. Felt like I continued to mess up from that point on.

    The next morning, I brought her home and she asked to hang out over the weekend. I tried setting up plans, but she pushed it out to the following weekend. I guess that is not a bad thing.

    Think there is still some interest here on her part? We usually text since we are both insanely busy and sometimes it takes 8 hours to get back to each other. Another date a week and a half away is pretty far out. I don't have much text game and I am much better in person. Plus now I feel feel funny flirting since I sucked in bed. Advice on how to keep some communication going during that time?

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    Default Re: 2nd date was going well then downward sprial

    Just send her the odd text here and there. She's not in a rush and neither are you. Try next time with less alcohol and spend a bunch of time on her with foreplay so you're not concentrating on yourself as much.

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