OK so text msging girl I met last night a couple of times but I dont want to keep just msging, need to up the ante to a call I think but unsure where to begin. Got two obvious options - she and I both like and play basketball so tempting to ask her out to shoot some hoops, opportunity to get a little physical is a good one, second option is to ask her to the pub tonight with some very non alpha friends - likely to be all male though.

Perhaps if I put down the text stream people can give me some suitable advice.

Me: Hi geek, had a good time tonight, conversation was cool and you dont seem too crazy which is a bonus
Her: Well what can I say, you havent seen my friend and I on a good night out lol x
Me: If 8 bottles of wine are sunk I bet its quite a sight lol. Is it like a fat man running, you shouldnt stare but you cant help looking x
Her: You stare and get mesmerized lol x

This feels like it is going nowhere fast, so I thinks it is time to get her out. Should I text the invite, call the invite, call but not invite (in which case what should I say) and then invite later ..... so many bloody options.

Cheers in advance for any advice