Ok fellas i am going to drop some golden knowledge, its my of getting social proof, its a fun flirty way to Number Close.

Ok so first thing you need is a smartphone. Ok so go to where ever you download your apps and type troll camera or something alike.

what the app does: it imports a photo from your gallery a replaces the face on the photo with a troll face. There tons of troll faces, and it is a great way of breaking the ice, you also get to take a pic with a HB and you standout

I would suggest take a photo together with her and replace her face. You can send to her later on, post on facebook or show her as soon as you do it. TRUST ME GUYS THIS WORKS LIKE A CHARM! She will mostly follow with Kino, you can tease her and you can post it on facebook later on for social proof or furthet interaction. It has worked for me like a charm.

Note to Android users, download Rage face photo from Google play if you want the aop