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Thread: Some of the most successful relationships are based on lies right or wrongH

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    Red face Some of the most successful relationships are based on lies right or wrongH

    Hi guys ,
    Am opening this subject because am going throw new situation with this girl that i met in night club once ,, i was there with some friends and she was there with her friend also , we start to dance around each other and then we hit it of , am kind of funny guy so i caught her in the conversation beside she has this weird fetish toward my hair ,, she kept touching it and telling me that it reminds her with her teddy bear ,, so anyway when i met a girl in a night club i usually go for the K close and in this case it seemed like she is really into physicality so i had no doubt that it will happen i just need to give a lil push but she really played her best hard to get game that night and she gave me nothing ,, which i found really challenging so by the end of the night i got only her number , we text for about 3 days or so till i got my first date with her , while we were talking on our date , she told me that she knows that am a player and she saw me around with few girls and one girl actually told her be4 that am in a serious relationship even , anyway instead of sticking with the 3D role ( denial , denial , denial ) , I found myself thinking if she is playing hard to get then lets spice the things a lil bit , so i told her that it's not what you think it's complicated , ( Classic ha ), anyway after the date we kept texting for another 3 days until she dropped the friendship pomp , she actually sent me a text saying that we better stay friends ,, and to be honest guys i lived all of my life trying to escape from the friendship zone , so i thought okay it's done , am not getting anywhere with this one , so i dropped that hall subject for 2 weeks and to be honest i even forgot her name , till last night , i was in the same night club and then she came from my back grabbed me and said hi , i was with a friend and she was with the same friend from be4 , we start to talk and she was blaming me for not texting or calling 4 2 weeks and i told her how i feel about the friendship zone and i had to move on , she wanted to keep talking about the same subject again , so i told her this not the time or the place to talk about that , so lets have fun tonight and talk about that later , and OMG what a night was that she was making every single dirty dancing move in the book since they even wrote the book , I know , awesome right ??!!!, she even made out with me for about hour or so , it's a long story i know but i have to give you the back ground so i can ask you that ,, WTF should i do now ? am so fuckin confused , should i text her to meet again as nothing happened or should i go for the sexting phase ,, HELP

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    Default Re: Some of the most successful relationships are based on lies right or wr

    I have to be honest and does this pertain to successful relationships are based on lies?

    I think you should keep escalating and qualify her before you ask her out so she isn't asking WHY are you asking her out.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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