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Thread: before date primping checklist

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    Post before date primping checklist

    before you go on a date there are some things to consider, always plan for success, and have these logistics takin care of

    1. your house: you need to try to keep your house clean!! (especialy your bedroom)
    • bathroom: have a full role of toilet paper! nothing makes me more mad than being stuck on the toilet with no tp lol, also make sure you have a clean shower/toilet/sink, have fresh towels out and a new bar of soap out
    • bedrooom: (most important) make sure you have clean sheets, and no random stuff laying about/no clothes laying around, in addition you can add some candles if you like (just don't burn your house down lol)
    • kitchen: no dishes in the sink (its very unattractive), don't have food just laying about either (have places to put your grocieries other than the countertop/ throw away or put away any leftovers from your last meal)
    • overview: make sure theres no trash like empty beer bottles laying about from your last super bowl party
    • misc: strategicaly place condoms somewhere thats easily accessable in the bedroom you'll be glad you did
    2. the car (almost as important as the house)
    • wash your car regularly!!!
    • cleen the inside out, wipe all the dust off the dashboard, wipe the inside of the windsheild with windex (glass cleaner) add a car freshiner
    • maintenence: it won't do you much good to have a car if it won't start!! make sure your car is in good running condition!
    • accessorize! : add some accesories to your car, (for instance i added black and grey seat covers and a black plushy stering wheel cover along with matching black floor mats) these things can make your car more apealing to others even if its an old junker like my 1995 subaru legacy (subaru's last forever,mine has over 200,000 miles on it and it gets me around still)
    3. yourself: you are the most important thing you need to primp before the date, need i explain more
    • brush your teeth!
    • deoderant/cologne: smell good
    • shave your face!
    • hair: wash/style your hair before you go out
    • outfit: make sure you don't have any wrinkles or stains, and that it matches also any peacocking gear you wear should go with your outfit
    • money: don't leave home without at least 50 bucks, (its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it
    • keys to get back in your home: very important weather you bring a girl home or not
    • condom: always be prepared for success, carry one with you!
    • a good attitude: before i go out i always look at myself in the mirror,smile and say look at you studly, you're so handsome
    • your voice: on my way to an outing/date i always "warm up" my voice by singing along with the radio, it will help to warm up your intonation in your voice by hitting all the notes
    these things may seem like trivial things you do all the time, but it is important to remember them before going out, if you don't plan for success,you won't have success


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    Default Re: before date primping checklist

    Nice, good list.

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